America’s Auto Mall –Auto Dealership Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade To LED in Wichita, Kansas

Approved Auto Sales is used/second-hand car dealership firm located in Wichita, Kansas, United States.  The owner Zack would like to have his 6 years old 1,000W metal halide shoebox upgrade to LED lighting because heavy lumen decay of the MH, his car lot looks very dark in the night compared with the neighbored dealership, which discourage people from visiting his store and to some degree, affect the car sales.

What we use

26 units 300W LED shoebox light with slip fitter 480V

26 units 300W LED shoebox light with direct mount 480V

Model #: CH-SB-300W

Power: 300W

Light pole height: 20ft outside and 25ft inside the lot with 4ft bullhorn base.

Light illuminance : 52fc

Luminaire qty: 52pcs


The new LED shoebox light is on for 5 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter, so let’s assume that half year is summer, half year is winter, we can calculate an estimated saving each year.

Original MH electricity consumption:  123,708KW.h=1KW*5 hrs*183 days*52 units + 1KW.h*8hrs*183 days*52 units

LED electricity consumption: 37,112.4KW.h=0.3KW*5hrs*183 days *52 units + 0.3KW*8hrs*183 days*52 units

Energy saving: 86,595.6KW.h

Money saving each year: 8,659.56USD=86,595.6KW.h*0.1USD/KW.h

Plus, with our DLC certificate, customer can apply for a good rebate for the energy saving

approved auto sales parking lot light upgrade to LED

Approved Auto Sales Parking Lot Layout

auto dealership Metal Halide parking lot light


car dealership lighting upgrade to LED in Wichita



Chiuer LED shoebox light not only can be used as parking lot lights in car dealership, shopping mall, hospital, school, church, but also can be used as street lights, tennis court lights.

If you have any parking lot pole lighting system upgrade plan and want a quote, please feel free to email us [email protected] or submit us request quote form