Are LED Corn Bulbs Safe

What is Corn COB LED ? And it is safe to use ? There are many questions about LED corn lamps for end user/consumers . Today I listed all possible questions here and answered them one by one, hope it can help you to choose LED corn bulbs. You might ask the following questions: What is corn cob ? Are LED corn bulbs safe ? How to choose the right corn light for your fixtures ? Can I use the corn cobs for indoor & outdoors ? How many corn light bulbs are there in the market ? What is the equivalent of LED corn bulbs ? Can I find dimmable LED corn lamps in the market ? What is the main LED corn bulb manufacturer in China ? Where can I get the best LED corn COB light at affordable price ? What is the advantage of using LED corn cob lamp compared with replacing the entire fixtures ? You can click each question about LED corns and then you will be directly lead to the answer. 1. What is corn cob ? A lot of people are curious on what is LED corn cob ? It is actually referring to LED corn bulbs with edison screw base twisting into the existing HID fixtures such as post top light, wall pack, high bay, low bay, shoeboxes etc. HID is abbreviation of high intensity discharge, which includes metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium [...]