4 Ideas on How to Expand LED Lighting Business

4 Tips to Expand Small LED Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Business As a small American startup company owner, you might be very frustated sometimes and curious to ask, is there any insightful & constructive ideas to expand my LED lighting business to larger size as reference on Internet ? We've searched through various search engine and the answer is unfortunately no. Most articles are mainly focusing on fundamental guideline on how to find reliable supplier, how to avoid not to be tricked by Chinese company how to familarize with LED industry in order to be successful in LED business. Therefore, in order to create some value to our own customer or other potential customer, we prepare this post. Nowadays competition become quite fierce because more and more Chinese factories open online retailing store in the name of a totally different brand from their usual brand in order to avoid their wholesalers/distributors' complaint over direct competition against them, middleman's survival chance is becoming very small if you don't revolutionize your reselling business model. Therefore, we as a expert vendor wish to bring up some ideas to small LED lighting business owners including Chiuer’s own customers so your sales revenue can be growing to medium-sized or large-scale LED lighting business. Below are 4 tips on how to expand your small LED lighting business to medium or large size, which we hope helpful for your business or you can inspire more ways to boost your [...]