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Discount Outlet LED Linear Strip Light Fixtures Installation in Canton, Ohio State

36,800 ft² Retail Shop Facility Discount Outlet LED Linear Strip Lighting Fixtures New Installation in Canton, Ohio Discount Outlet is a 36,800 square footage retail shop located in Canton, Ohio, United States, where all kinds of food, clothes, daily neccessity, electronics & TV, beverages, living room stuff, nuts etc. are sold at large discount, the shop ceiling height is about 12ft. The owner Peter find us and ask us to recommend the best LED lighting fixtures for his shop, he has some budget, so he want to reduce the light installation cost and advise us if we have some lights that can be linkable in a row together or use 8ft LED fixtures. We firstly come to think of LED tri proof fixture, however, it is not suitable to use a LED tri proof light as it is usually used in wet locations. Therefore, we finally recommend our DLC premium listed 4ft 40W LED linear strip light fixtures to Peter due to his urgent business openning time, we happen to have in stock and can ship out quickly, besides,  it can be surface mount and hanging suspension mount. Our engineer conducted a Dialux test for the retail shop facility and the light lumen output/ foot candle is very satisfactory, very perfect for his application. What we use 420 units 4 foot LED Linear Strip Fixtures 40W 5000K(daylight white)  100-277 volt Model #: CH-LSF-F48-40W Power: 40W Area: 192ft*192ft Light Qty: 420pcs Suspended height: 10ft [...]

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Franklin Homes Manufacturing Housing Workshop Lighting Upgrade To LED in Russellville, Alabama

Franklin Structures House-manufacturing Plant Workshop Lighting Upgrade to LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures in Alabama, United States Franklin Structures LLC is a long established housing modular structure manufacturer, their production facility is located in Russellville in Alabama. They have many retailers selling their HUD home in 13 states, in order to meet some order's deadline, therefore,it is important to have great work efficiency for the workers in the plant during the worktime especially when there are many order waiting for production . Due to the unsatisfied illumination of the original 400 watt metal halide such as unevenness and not bright, some darkness spot and shadow makes our worker hard to position the location of tools or tiny screws or neils from the crowed plant, and sometimes risking our workers' body security, their facility manager decide to shift to LED technology as it is more energy saving and have much longer lifespan and less maintenance cost. What we use: 195 units   150W LED UFO High Bay Light 100-277V  5000K 153 units  150W LED UFO High Bay Light 480V 5000K Model #: CH-EHB-150W Power: 150W Replace MH: 400W MH Light fixture: 150W LED UFO high bay fixtures Light qty: 348pcs Ceiling height: about 30ft Light Avg. lux: 46 lux. Calculation: Original 400W metal halide energy consumption estimate annually: 457,272KW.h =348*0.4KW*9hrs* 365 days 150W UFO LED energy consumption estimate annually: 228,636KW.h =348*0.15KW*9hrs*365 days Energy saving estimate annually: 228,636KW.h Money saving annually: 27,436.32USD = 228,636KW.h*0.12USD/KW.h Franklin [...]

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Approved Auto Sales LED Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade

America's Auto Mall --Auto Dealership Parking Lot Lighting Upgrade To LED in Wichita, Kansas Approved Auto Sales is used/second-hand car dealership firm located in Wichita, Kansas, United States.  The owner Zack would like to have his 6 years old 1,000W metal halide shoebox upgrade to LED lighting because heavy lumen decay of the MH, his car lot looks very dark in the night compared with the neighbored dealership, which discourage people from visiting his store and to some degree, affect the car sales. What we use 26 units 300W LED shoebox light with slip fitter 480V 26 units 300W LED shoebox light with direct mount 480V Model #: CH-SB-300W Power: 300W Light pole height: 20ft outside and 25ft inside the lot with 4ft bullhorn base. Light illuminance : 52fc Luminaire qty: 52pcs Calculation: The new LED shoebox light is on for 5 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter, so let's assume that half year is summer, half year is winter, we can calculate an estimated saving each year. Original MH electricity consumption:  123,708KW.h=1KW*5 hrs*183 days*52 units + 1KW.h*8hrs*183 days*52 units LED electricity consumption: 37,112.4KW.h=0.3KW*5hrs*183 days *52 units + 0.3KW*8hrs*183 days*52 units Energy saving: 86,595.6KW.h Money saving each year: 8,659.56USD=86,595.6KW.h*0.1USD/KW.h Plus, with our DLC certificate, customer can apply for a good rebate for the energy saving Approved Auto Sales Parking Lot Layout Before After Conclusion: Chiuer LED shoebox light not only can be used as [...]

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NAPA Auto Parts Shop Lighting LED Flat Panel Light Upgrade In Wisconsin, USA

Fluorescent tube light replacement to LED Flat Panel Lights NAPA Auto Parts Shop is located in Sturgeon Bay Citiy, Wisconsin, United States, shop size is 100ftx162ft, which has recessed fluorescent panel originally. Due to its serious lumen decay after using 3 years, the shop looks dark inside and light is unevenness and affect people shopping experience and mood. Therefore, in order to creat a good ambient to help for more sales, the shop owner decide to have LED flat panel light upgrade for all these 139W T12 fluorescent panel. What we use: 80 units 50W 2x4 LED flat panel light fixtures  5000K  drop ceilings 12 units 40W 1x4 LED flat panel l ight fixtures  4000K surface mount Calculation: Original fluro anual energy consumption estimate:  53,677.63KW.h=80*0.139KW*11.5hrs*365days+12*0.139KW*11.5hrs*365days LED anual energy consumption estimate: 18,804.8KW.h =80*0.05KW*11.5hrs*365days+12*0.04KW*11.5hrs*365days Energy saving estimate: 34,872.83KW.h=53,677.63KW.h-18,804.8KW.h Money saving anually: 4,533.5USD= 22,448KW.h * 0.13USD NAPA Auto Parts Shop Layout Before After

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