36,800 ft² Retail Shop Facility Discount Outlet LED Linear Strip Lighting Fixtures New Installation in Canton, Ohio

Discount Outlet is a 36,800 square footage retail shop located in Canton, Ohio, United States, where all kinds of food, clothes, daily neccessity, electronics & TV, beverages, living room stuff, nuts etc. are sold at large discount, the shop ceiling height is about 12ft.

The owner Peter find us and ask us to recommend the best LED lighting fixtures for his shop, he has some budget, so he want to reduce the light installation cost and advise us if we have some lights that can be linkable in a row together or use 8ft LED fixtures.

We firstly come to think of LED tri proof fixture, however, it is not suitable to use a LED tri proof light as it is usually used in wet locations.

Therefore, we finally recommend our DLC premium listed 4ft 40W LED linear strip light fixtures to Peter due to his urgent business openning time, we happen to have in stock and can ship out quickly, besides,  it can be surface mount and hanging suspension mount.

Our engineer conducted a Dialux test for the retail shop facility and the light lumen output/ foot candle is very satisfactory, very perfect for his application.

What we use

420 units 4 foot LED Linear Strip Fixtures 40W 5000K(daylight white)  100-277 volt

Model #: CH-LSF-F48-40W

Power: 40W

Area: 192ft*192ft

Light Qty: 420pcs

Suspended height: 10ft

Avg. foot candle: 42fc

shop lighting simulation
retail shop lighting system layout

Discount Outlet Layout

LED linear strip fixture shop lights retrofit in Canton
Ohio discount outlet shop lighting system LED fixtures
suspended LED linear strip light in Ohio discount shop

Shop lighting effects after installation


Chiuer 4ft LED shop lighting fixtures can replace traditional 4 foot fluorescent, its diversified installation kits make it possible to use in many commercial and residential spaces like in the garages, warehouse, workshop, fitness rooom, school etc.

If you have any retail shop, shopping mall, discount store that require 4ft 8ft LED fixtures upgrade, please contact us [email protected] or submit us contact form.