Fluorescent tube light replacement to LED Flat Panel Lights

NAPA Auto Parts Shop is located in Sturgeon Bay Citiy, Wisconsin, United States, shop size is 100ftx162ft, which has recessed fluorescent panel originally. Due to its serious lumen decay after using 3 years, the shop looks dark inside and light is unevenness and affect people shopping experience and mood.

Therefore, in order to creat a good ambient to help for more sales, the shop owner decide to have LED flat panel light upgrade for all these 139W T12 fluorescent panel.

What we use:

80 units 50W 2×4 LED flat panel light fixtures  5000K  drop ceilings

12 units 40W 1×4 LED flat panel l ight fixtures  4000K surface mount


Original fluro anual energy consumption estimate:  53,677.63KW.h=80*0.139KW*11.5hrs*365days+12*0.139KW*11.5hrs*365days

LED anual energy consumption estimate: 18,804.8KW.h =80*0.05KW*11.5hrs*365days+12*0.04KW*11.5hrs*365days

Energy saving estimate: 34,872.83KW.h=53,677.63KW.h-18,804.8KW.h

Money saving anually: 4,533.5USD= 22,448KW.h * 0.13USD

auto parts shop lighting upgrade in Wisconsin

NAPA Auto Parts Shop Layout

panel light upgrade before


LED panel light upgrade after