Horizontal Wall Mount Tenon Bracket Slipfitter Adapter for Flat Surface, Side Arm Mount on Square Pole, Dark Bronze/Black  Finish

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Horizontal Wall Mount Tenon Bracket Features

  • Fit 4″ 5″ 6″ square poles(which has a side tenon mount for slipfitter bracket) for 2.375″ slip fit LED fixtures  or as wall mount adapter;
  • Horizontally hold single light fixture each tenon;
  • Anti-rust stainless steel construction ;
  • One year warranty ;


Model #CH-ADP2.5-D
Tenon size2-3/8″ tenon for slipfitter fixtures horizontally mounted
Fit pole shapeside mount on square pole or other flat surface areas like wall
Finish colorstandard: dark bronze, special: black, white, silver
MaterialStainless steel
Package includetenon bracket, screws & nuts,

Formula:  slip fitter bracket + slip fitter adaptor = direct mount bracket

Slip fitter bracket, direct mount bracket are usually along with LED shoebox light fixture, slip fitter adaptor is CH-ADP2.5-D.

That is to say, if you want to install LED light fixture on square pole, then you can either use slip fit fixture along with a slip fitter adaptor, or you can use direct mount bracket only, both are workable.

Packing List 

  • 10pcs/case, 61x46x16cm, 16.4KGs

Special wall mount tenon brackets 

Wildly used as mounting bracket in parking lot on square pole or outdoor building’s wall for:

  • LED shoebox light
  • LED flood light

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